Q – What will the musicians be wearing?
A – All musicians will be wearing formal attire.  If you have a certain colour scheme in mind, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Performance Questions

Q – When will you arrive for set up?
A – Depending on what size of band you  booked and what kind of music. We arrive at least 30 mins ahead of time. For a dance band at least 1 hour ahead of time. If you require us to set up hours in advance, we’ll have to charge an extra fee for the time in between.


Q – What equipment do we need to provide for the musicians?
A – All we ask for is an electrical outlet (typically just one is fine) and some armless chairs, one for each musician.  We will discuss space requirements when we talk about the type of group you need.


Q – Do you take requests?
A – Yes, we want your event music to be as perfect as possible. We are able to arrange just about any song for any ensemble. We ask for a minimum of one month’s notice for all special requests. Casual requests during the performance are fine, too. (Try to ask between songs)  We are more than happy to play the songs that you want to hear, as long as we know them.


Q – Can you provide a P.A. system and microphone for us to use?
A – Yes, we can provide a P.A. system for an additional cost of $125. We have a Bose L1 system that is very compact and produces a loud and clear sound. We set it up, adjust the volume levels and tear it down. 

Time Lines and Breaks

Q - Can you stay longer than originally planned?
A – Possibly, if we are available.  It is not uncommon for us to have more then one performances in one day. Additional charges may apply, depending how long you would like us to stay.


Q - Do you take breaks?
A – Yes. Typically, we’ll play for 50 mins and take 10 min break, but that timing is flexible. It will also depend on how long you’d like us to perform. We often have to start and stop to work around speeches. 


Q – Can you provide background music when you’re on break?
A – Yes, we are able to provide this if you request it, at no additional fee.

Booking & Payment

Q – What do we need to do to secure a booking with Willer Music?
A – We require a contract to be signed and a 35% deposit to be paid at time of booking.

Q – How do we pay the deposit?

A – The deposit can be paid a few different ways:

1.  An e-mail money transfer

2. A cheque mailed to the address on the contract

3. A cheque or cash delivered in person.  

Q – When and how do we pay the remaining balance?

A – We require the balance on arrival. Payment can be made in cash, cheque or by email money trssnfer.