Microphone and P.A. Services

If you're in need of a p.a. system/mic, speakers etc. and don't need music we can help! 

Microphones available are:


Line 6 - XD-V55 Digital Wireless Handheld Mic System. These mics sound fantastic and work perfect for wedding ceremonies, reception speeches, corporate events etc.  They can be held or put on a mic stand. 


​Sennheiser Wireless Lapel Microphone system. These are very small, black and can go underneath a jacket so they are almost invisible! They clip on the shirt collar. These work great for speeking panels, conferences or any time someone is talking for long periods. 

Sure 57 microphones. These work great for speeches when different people will be talking. They sit on a mic stand or can be held. 


With all microphones speakers are included in the price. We have different size speakers to fit different events. For very large venues additional fees may apply for the appropriate speakers. 

The prices start at $125. This depends on what you are looking for and what is required.